Sandra Dunn

Sandra is an internationally recognized blacksmith who drives things forward with the attitude that anything is possible given enough imagination . She is devoted to a rigorous design process that enables her to bring unique ideas to life in projects throughout the Region and across the country.  She started blacksmithing shortly after graduating from University of Waterloo with a BFA and has owned and operated Two Smiths since 2000.  

StevE White

Two Smiths  partner from 2000-2013,  Steve served a coppersmithing apprenticeship at  J & E Halls in Dartford, England when he was a boy.   Luthier, meticulous maker and outstanding crafstman, it was Steve's attention to detail and ability to work accurately that made many of the projects we completed so successful.  These days Steve spends most of his time painting and is currently setting up a small workshop in Dyer's Bay.

Bronson kozdaS

Bronson studied blacksmithing at Fleming College and has a background in theatre stage production, lighting and sound.   In the two years he's been forging full time he has completed six public demonstrations, worked on two projects for the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology in Alberta and participated in the Ypres 2016 Cenotaph project in Belgium.


Aimie Botelho

Aimie Botelho studied sculpture and drawing at York University, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education in 2013.    She has been working part time at Two Smiths  for the past four years and  is currently the editor for the Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association.  


Stephen J. Edgar


John Hofstetter



Dean Palmer



David Trattles. 



Patrick Wey



Darin White